Friday, January 29, 2010

Spanked Over My Moms Knee Do Young Men Still Get Spanked By Their Mom?

Do young men still get spanked by their mom? - spanked over my moms knee

18th and give me a pat on mothers knee last week, the mother pulled her panties in a shopping mall, and hit my knee, it was terrible


randctc said...

I have lost both parents until the age of 24 and in school. I do not know much publicly in the last 12, but very often in the presence of relatives or friends.

Jim said...

What mall?
In which country?

How are they not arrested in the law?

Parents arrested smacking a child of preschool age in the seat of the pants!
How to manage your mother to get out?
Yes, a few young boys, including 18 years on her bare bottom belt from her parents - but not in malls. Rather be in the bedroom or study, or in the woodshed!

pellmell... said...

This should not happen to anyone 18 years! Not even 10! Totally unacceptable! Talk to a counselor or another trusted adult (social services or the police) about the situation. You are an adult aged 18 years and his mother has no right to do so!

JuicyKil... said...

Woah UR mother serousily to be in the rehabilitation
UR 18, who know no right to spank, has
unless your UR Family Law
but wow booty naked in the pedestrian zone should be on YouTube

caustic.... said...

Extremely difficult in any case I think it would happen in public.

hearteds... said...

This is completely unacceptable!
Outside in the mall ... You are 18 years and do not abuse this Article
(unless you want ...)

kewpie doll said...

Well, I think a little strange at 18 years and not even think about how you will place your mother Get advice on how you do not grow their children

purlie said...

I think today I have a pat on the time I was 6 ...
Start to be an adult - you have to begin it as a ..,

purlie said...

I think today I have a pat on the time I was 6 ...
Start to be an adult - you have to begin it as a ..,

Sunshine said...

18? Gee Your mother is only in a vacuum. Do not let it! It is totally unacceptable!

Angel said...

Now Frankie's daughter - here's a dollar, is go buy some sweet love.

fern933 said...

I think it is totally unacceptable

RATROACH... said...

Nah Dun Bwois Get Spanked, people are manipulated lol

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